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Wild Flowers

“Since doing reiki & kinesiology with Christie last year, I am a much lighter and confident person. I am continuously in awe with her healing, I always feel the effects immediately in session (if not within 24 hrs). For all the stress I have gone through and past trauma, Christie has given me the strength and courage to move through it in a more positive light. Energetically, I have finally been able to let go of what doesn't belong to me. I highly recommend reiki or kinesiology to anyone who is open to spirituality and eager to tap into their soul's journey."


"From a very young age, I was always extra sensitive to energies and at times I could feel heaviness, pain and sorrow but I didn't know why. I was taught that LOVE was pain. My journey with Christie has been uplifting! I can say I am able to transition negativity to a more positive light. I understand what my soul needs and am highly in tune with my intuition now.

I am so happy and proud of myself for having the willingness to show up and I couldn't be more grateful for the work Christie has done for me. If you have been wanting a change in your life, give it a try for what is a journey if we don't seek our highest soul purpose?

Thank you Christie for being the vessel of healing. You are truly a beautiful soul and I will always be forever grateful"


"I visited Christie last month after a very stressful time in my life. After just one kinesiology session I felt so clear in my mind and relaxed in my body. I slept better than I had been in weeks. I have since had a few more sessions and am feeling on top of everything. I highly recommend Christie"


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